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Being the main player in financial services for micro, small and medium enterprises through the BMT network


• Participating in realizing productive community.
• Utilizing investment to develop micro, small and medium
  entrepreneurs so the investment can be more productive.
• Participating in building and developing the Islamic economic system.
• Encouraging the creation of excellent performance of BMT.
• Creating a productive, efficient and innovative working system.


• Educating the society to manage their finances properly and productively.
• Having investment cooperation with investors and micro, small and medium entrepreneurs securely, professionally, as well as mutually beneficial.
• Educating stakeholders to understand and adhere to the Islamic principles.
• Developing micro and small enterprises by providing financial services.
• Providing financial services and developing excellent performance in BMT.
• Providing benefits to all stakeholders of the company.

Core Belief and Corporate Culture

CORE BELIEF is a shared belief of individuals within the company, that becomes the ideology which inspires the operational steps and the culture of the company. The belief is translated into FALAH, it is a belief that the business undertaken by the company aims to achieve ultimate happiness, world and hereafter happiness for all stakeholders of the company.

CORPORATE CULTURE is the value held by the company as the pride and always be maintained and used as a culture to oversee every decision that has been, is being and will be taken. The corporate culture is defined as I-Stream, a dynamic culture that consists of :


We are committed to serve by emphasizing on diligence, honesty, responsibility and love to our profession.


We are committed to being professional by giving priority to services, always being open-minded, dynamic and adaptive.

Relationship & Teamwork

We are committed to maintain communication, building synergy, increase cooperation and trust.